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What is Opti-Glass Pro?
Optimum Opti-Glass Pro is windshield protection coating that is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces to form a durable, hydrophobic coating. This coating provides a clear glass coating to improve driver visibility in rainy conditions. The water repellent properties of Opti-Glass Pro prevent water from sticking and staying on glass. Not only will it slide water off of glass surfaces in wet driving conditions, this also means that Opti-Glass Pro provides long term protection to glass and other silica based surfaces by increasing glass surface resistance against water staining.

How does it work?

Opti-Glass Pro works by creating an extremely high contact angle between the glass surface and water. This superhydrophobic surface means that the water droplets struggle to cling to the windshield and roll off or are blown off as air passes over the vehicle. This windshield coating enhances the performance of your windshield wipers without negatively affecting their abilities. In certain conditions you may not have to use them at all because Opti-Glass Pro has enhanced visibility for the driving experience. Further, the windshield protection coating will not create a glare or impede night driving visibility.


Additionally, Opti-Glass Pro can increase windscreen chip resistance by increasing what is known as the coefficient of friction. This means, as an object comes in contact with the windscreen at speed, it is more likely to be deflected than to damage the glass. So, any environmental contaminants that strike the windshield while driving may have a harder time damaging a windshield if it is protected with Opti-Glass Pro.

Why does it matter?

In challenging weather conditions, driver reaction time needs to be at its ultimate. Whether it be a light rain or a heavy deluge, Opti-Glass Pro can help increase this driver reaction time by increasing driver visibility. Just like a pair of eyeglass make items clearer to the human eye, Opti-Glass Pro is like windshield glasses for your car providing superior windshield protection.

Improve Driver Visibility with Opti-Glass Pro!

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