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Opti-Coat Pro 3 Ceramic Coating

Pro 3
Limited lifetime of protection 

Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Coating

Pro Plus
7 years of protection

Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coating

5 years of protection 

Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film. PPF, Clear Bra

Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film

Opti-Coat RV and Marine Ceramic Coating

RV & Marine Coating
5 years of protection

Opti-Glass Pro Windshield Coating



Optimum Paint Guard Ceramic Coating

Paint Guard
3 years of protection

Membership Hand Wash Exclusive Program

Membership Hand Wash

Opti-Guard Leather interior Ceramic Coating

Opti-Guard Leather

Paint Correction, Swirl removal.

Paint Correction

Why Opti-Coat is the industry leader in Ceramic Coatings?

Unlike SiO2 based ceramic coatings the SiC based coating actually bonds to the factory clear coat and the SiC is formed as a chemical reaction in that process, not by having Nano particles of the ceramic floating in a resin. SiC is superior to SiO2 coatings chemically. Opti-Coat–Pro becomes one with the clear coat instead of suspending nano particles of a harder substance in a resin. This gives Opti-Coat Pro far superior chemical resistance, as the chemical must break down the SiC, and not break down a resin holding SiO2 nano particles.

With Opti-Coat the polymer is bonded therefore it does not wear off or require yearly re-applications like every other coating on the market.


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